1. When there’s light and you’re under your duvet getting ready to sleep.

Sleep finna be lit!

2. And your room feels chill because your fan and AC are on at the same time.

As per Captain cold.

3. But as usual being a Nigerian, you can’t have good things.

Hay God!

4. When just you’re about to doze off…

What is happening?!

5. …And NEPA takes light.


6. When you try to continue sleeping but it’s not happening anymore.


7. But you can hear the mosquitoes getting in formation.

God of mercy!

8. And you can feel the AC cold slowly seeping away.

Please come back…

9. When the legion of flying cockroaches are released.

Lord, I commit myself to you.

10. When you hear a sound in the dark but you’re the only one at home.

Blood of Jesus!

11. When you finally sleep drowning in your own sweat.

Water is good.

12. The next morning when someone asks “How was your night?”



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