1. When you ask your Nigerian tailor if they can “sew the style.”

2. When you tell a Nigerian photographer to make you look “natural”.

That’s how you know they are serious.

3. When your Nigerian hairdresser wants to kill you.

4. When you give a Nigerian mechanic your car and it spends so long with him it turns to his own.

Edakun, can I have my car back?

5. When you go to a Nigerian doctor and the first diagnosis you get is:

Is that all?

6. When a Nigerian nurse wakes you up to give you a sleeping pill.


7. When you finish paying your Nigerian caterer and they now tell you they don’t make small chops.

Better go and find.

8. When your Nigerian makeup artiste uses your picture to do ‘Before & After’ without asking.

Somebody wants to die.

9. When the generator repairer finishes work and now uses your fuel to wash his hands.

Is this one mad?

10. When your Nigerian cab driver swears he knows the way, then starts asking for directions when you enter.

Don’t just vex me.

11. When that thing your Nigerian electrician just ‘fixed’ shocks you.

Hay God.

12. When you go to any Nigerian barbing salon and this is the first picture you see:

That’s how you know they are serious.


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