See, it’s just a Nigerian thing. We really can’t help renaming products after the most popular brand attributed to producing it. Other times we simply don’t have a tangible reason for renaming something; it just happens.

Here are a couple of products that will have a really hard time shaking the names that have been forced upon them by Nigerians:

1. Noodles = Indomie

Sorry Honeywell, Cherie, and Chikki Chikki, you are all Indomie now.

2. Dust pan = Packer

We are with her on this. TF is a dustpan?

3. Unit of Measure = Derica

And it works.

4. Soft Drinks = Mineral

Yeah, we know it’s a correct terminology, that doesn’t make it sound any less weird though.

5. Toothpaste = Close Up

And we are sticking to it.

6. Bathroom Slippers = Dunlop

We need answers too.

7. Plastic bags = Nylon

No, you’re not.

8. Sneakers = Canvas

He said it, not us.

9. Detergent = OMO

He ain’t even lying.

10. Seasoning Cubes = Maggi

Well, we know now, but it’s too late

11. Bottled water = Ragolis

And we won’t stop.

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