1. When they tell you to go and bring your slippers but disappear before you get back.

African leaders get us excited then jet out of the country at the last minute,  very disappointing.

2. How your parents never tell you where exactly they’re going no matter how much you ask.

Same way, you’ll hear “President XYZ traveled on “diplomatic relations” but the purpose of those journeys are almost always unknown.

3. After flogging you mercilessly, they ask if you have eaten.

African leaders put their citizens through fuel scarcity, erratic supply of electricity but conveniently say they have the interests of their people in mind, “the people are wonderful people”, who wonder don epp?

4. Can you talk back at your parents, or rather do you want to die untimely?

You cannot criticize an African leader openly. Are you in doubt? Okay try yelling how you really feel about your president at a rally then come and tell us the outcome.

5. They help us “hold our money” like our darling African parents.

All the taxes they help us keep  and ‘save’ or  invest in the ‘safest’ places.

6. They hate how constant and active we are on social media.

“Always pressing your phone”. Ever heard of the Social Media bill? Well African leaders are irked by the constant use of social media by youths and don’t seem to understand the many advantages of using social media.

7. They tell us how ‘perfect’ they were in their younger days and how they never attended parties.

Meanwhile, most of the vices practiced today were passed down to us from them. *Sips tea*

8. When our parents say “Oya let us go” but still manage to keep you waiting for another hour…

African leaders are the beginning and end of wasting time. They’ll promise to build a road in 4 weeks, but only complete the project in nothing short of 6 years.

9. Remember how mummy and daddy promised to “think about it” when you proposed a brilliant idea to them?

Now, think of all the times our leaders said “We are looking into it”, “We will end fuel scarcity”, “All hands are on deck”, “We are working on a permanent solution”.

10. Our African leaders always tell us how broke the country is and how humble their personal bank accounts are.

But guess what? They manage to slay to every event, find that money to travel and  host so many visitors. Are we right or are we right?


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