Remember those good old days of buying Chocomilo, ice water, sugar and Kuli Kuli with this.

Blissful days! Some of you are old though!

Although this beauty can’t even buy a sip of water anymore and is going into a very quick extinction, Here are 10 ways a 50 kobo coin can still be a part of your life.

1. Properly scratch recharge cards.

Stop using your nails please.

2. Pay for stuff at Shoprite.

Now you won’t dash them your 3 Naira change anymore, thank us later.

3. Pay for fuel.

50 Kobo has been shaved off the fuel price so you can pay the exact amount for the fuel you buy in Naira and Kobo.

4. Donate into this charity box at Shoprite.

50 kobo will go a very long way in changing people’s lives if you don’t know.

5. Teach a child how to count.

Instead of counting with fingers and stones.

6. Open Milo and milk tins with ease.

That struggle can be annoying sometimes.

7. Make really pretty jewellery.

Slay can come really cheap.

8. As a screw driver.

When real screw drivers become hard to find.

9. Charge your phone battery.

Because, who Nepa don epp?

10. Portraits and other artsy items.

This is a brilliant art project idea.

What other things do you think a 50 kobo coin can be used for?


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