Nigerians can be found everywhere in the world, this is not surprising. Leaving the shores of the country and meeting other Nigerians can be fun at times. But in some situations it can also be a chore or a huge bore-fest. Here are a few situations.

1. Meeting a random Nigerian and they believe they are related to you somehow

Don’t push it, please… Allow it… Let it slide… No we are not.

2. “So what did you bring from Nigeria for us?”

Did you tell me to bring anything?

3. When they keep reminding you about how long they have been away from home

Ah okay oh we’ve heard you Mr. long-term resident.

4. “I really miss home, tell me what it’s like now”

You don’t read the news? Are you being serious now?

5. When they say they are from a certain state abroad

Yes oh, I know you are “from Houston, Texas”. I meant where in Nigeria are you from.

6. “I’m British/American my parents are the Nigerians”

Are you serious? Tell me more about that, briefly explain that concept to me.

7. “You need to teach me how to improve my native tongue”

Oh because I am the expert and that’s what I came here for. Yeah getting you.

8. When they say “Nigeria needs people like me”

Okay then, Mr Superhero Savior come back and help us now.

9. And then “I don’t think I can cope in Nigeria anymore”

Not today Satan not today.

11. When you are leaving and they want you to deliver a whole store to their family

Because of what? Please come and be going.


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