1. “Your hair looks like puff-puff.”

Are you even serious?

2. “Can I touch it?”

Can I slap your face after?

3. “Is it a religious thing?”

Only “holy” people keep natural hair abi?

4. “Your hair is too strong, you should relax it!”

Please how is strong hair a bad thing?!

5. “And you looked better with straight hair.”

So now I’m ugly?

6. “How do you cope with this your hair?”

You mean how do I cope with all this awesomeness?

7. “Your hair is all over the place.”

Yes, I want to bless all of you with it.

8. “Is it money? I will buy relaxer for you.”

Let’s not be unfortunate please.

9. “Why are you putting so much oil on your hair, it is already natural.”

All types of hair need oil and moisture, you’re welcome.

10. “Can you style it?”

In several amazing ways you can think of. Like this:
Or this ?:
Again, you’re welcome.


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