A working bank account is one important part of a Nigerian’s life.

And to be honest, the heavier the bank account, the more legit the licence to “glo up”.  Here are 10 things every Nigerian can relate to when the money days go south:

1. On pay day.

New balance, who this?

2. Your bank account when you decide to splurge on that PS4 console you’ve been eyeing.

I got you, bro!

3. Then the long monthly shopping list pops up.

Na wa oh! Someone can’t pretend to be rich sef.

4. When you actually start buying the things on the shopping list.

Chisos, why are all the zeroes reducing?

5. Every debit alert brings serious heartache and torture.

I feel it in my bones.

6. It’s only 15th of the month and things are already not smiling.

Lunch is a luxury, biscuit and pure water will do.

7. Your bank account when you think of buying ordinary Shawarma.

Are you even alright?

8. When you think about all the unnecessary things you bought during the month.

I’m not crying, sand entered my eye.

9. When the money actually finishes and everything goes red.

Fix it, Father.

10. When that huge credit alert comes in at the end of the month.

My glo up can now begin!

What did we miss? Share your experiences as a broke Nigerian with us.


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