We gave you 10 hilarious reasons to marry an oyinbo person but what about the pros of marrying a Nigerian? Nigerians are some of the happiest people in the entire world. Even with all the daily challenges. What could be better than spending the rest of one’s life with one of the happiest people in the world. If you need more reasons we’ve got it covered.

1. Nigerians are beautiful

Every tribe or culture boasts of the most beautiful people you will ever see. Both men and women are beauties to behold. The beautiful kids that will come about. And will have you like “look at God!”.

2. You will always be well fed

Nigerians know quite well that the way to the heart is through the belly most times. We could be classified as the “stomach welfare” country  as we cook good food, and eat good food. Guaranteed you will never be hungry.

3. Always ready for anything

Nigerians have a saying “there is nothing that is coming from above, the ground cannot take”. We live by this so you can be rest assured that a Nigerian spouse can handle any challenge. How do you think we have coped with unstable electricity all this while.

4. Prepare to be spoiled

It is standard, when you are in a relationship with a Nigerian it will feel like the time of your life. Gifts, outings, trips, money for hair, gifts for his birthday. See Nigerians are simply the best.

5. Nigerians are always respectful and well trained

This is one huge forte of our people. They always give respect when it is due, whether it is to parents, in-laws, slightly elderly people or even dead people. See how much we respect other humans around us.

6. Nigerians always have an education and ambition

Nigerians are one of the most educated sets of people in the world. And any Nigerian you will come across has a substantial level of education and either strive to get more or is really ambitious. You know we have to make that money to impress our spouses and friends.

7. Nigerian weddings are the best

Wedding ceremonies in Nigeria are one of the best events you will see. From the introduction to the engagement, to the wedding and the reception, it is always live! The food, music, decor, traditional attires, emcees and a lot more is always a bauty to behold.

8. Nigerians are hardworking

This fact can not be stressed enough. This country boasts of the most hardworking people. Marrying someone who is hardworking guarantees that your every need will be catered to whether you are the husband or the wife.

9. Nigerians are romantic

Every tribe in Nigeria has endearing words for their loved ones. When a Nigerian is wooing or praising his or her spouse, it is indeed one of the best things to hear. From “Iyawo mi”, to “Omalicha nwa” there are a ton of them.

10. Your wedding proposal will be amazing

Nigerians have really stepped up the game in this aspect. Be sure that you being proposed to will be a very interesting event in an interesting place with the best photographers. What a way to set the pace for a marriage. What other reason would you want to marry a Nigerian?


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