By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Nigerian weddings are the new club.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. No invitation card, no turn up!

Just like club parties, there are bouncers waiting to kick you out of a Nigerian wedding if you dare to mogbo moya.

2. And even if you manage to get in, there is a VIP section for people cooler and fresher than you.

Just because, you’re not so special.

3. Popping of champagne bottles.

Because, the wedding must be lit by force.

4. They’re even sponsored by luxury brands.

Yes! This one was sponsored by Rolex, The Rolex!

5. Special live performances by A-list musicians.

Because playing their CDs has become too mainstream.

6. Everybody comes with the mission to slay.

Without any chill in the universe.

7. The party and after party is a license to turn up.


8. Some of these Nigerian weddings are now themed…

Exactly like those Halloween-themed club parties.

9. And are avenues to connect with the big boys and girls in town.

Famzing is always allowed.

10. You might even get lucky…

And get to seize the bae.


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