With the vast amount of history Nigeria has, it’s sad that students hardly learn about events that happened in the past. But these days, we have social media to thank for schooling us on fun and sometimes hard facts of history. This Twitter account, @ArewaHistory is dedicated to curating Nigerian history-specifically Northern history with rare pictures of people that helped shape the North and the country in general.

1. This photo of Musa Yar’adua and India’s first Prime Minister.

2. These little Northern girls and a British soldier.

3. Aliyu Makama Bida gisting with Queen Elizabeth.

4. Atiku Abubakar during his baby boy days.

5. The first northerners to ever visit Europe.

6. Professor Shehu Shagari, speaking strongly against the racism in South Africa at the time.

7. This rare picture of Dangote before he hammered.

8. Students at a motor mechanics class in 1959.

9. The wedding intivitation to IBB and Maryam’s wedding.

10. Emir of Katsina, checking out a traffic sign with his squad.


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