1. When someone stains your white and expects you to not talk because you are fasting.

“Aunty, you dey fast na’.

2. Getting your period 10 minutes before Maghrib.

The fast won’t count because Aunty Flo decided to spoil show.

3. When your colleagues ask you why you can’t drink water.

“But water is not food now”

4. When you attend an Owambe and have to turn down party Jollof.

You have to pretend it is not chooking you.

5. When your colleagues start eating their lunch in your presence.

“I’m not crying, rice enter my eye”.

6. Waking up late and missing Sahur.

Because bad things happen to good people and now you have to fast on an empty stomach.

7. THIS!!!

Someone will definitely catch these hands.

8. Hearing the Imam recite ‘Alif Lam Mim’ during’ Taraweeh.

It is going to be a long night.

9. When you eat one spoon of rice at Iftar and get full immediately.

So the hunger pangs were for nothing?

10. Knowing you can’t blame any of your bad deeds during Ramadan.

Satan is chilling in hell so you are just a terrible person deep down uno.

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