People of God, we have Obi Cubana and his interview with BBC to thank for this concise guide. If you have coconut head and just want to blow by picking money at parties, then these tips here are for you.

Now, to making it in life…

1. Stop looking for who will cut soap for you

“You don make your own soap, carry am baff.” Shey you have heard?

2. Stop shouting “God when” everywhere

If God tells you when now, you fit faint oh. Just do the bit you can for now consistently.

3. Try multiple things

Sure, it’s painful when something you had hopes for flops, but try another, and another until you hit gold. Amen?

4. Turn sand to Garri

Transform whatever skill or business you have now into something that will enable you comfortably throw money into swimming pool in the future.

5. Face your front

If you look back, you can turn to salt. Look side at what other people are doing, and you just might miss what is ahead in your own unique journey.

6. Try to dey enjoy life

You’re pre-rich, but you can’t kill yourself nau. Don’t you want to live long enough to give motivational speeches too?

7. Don’t go out naked

Clean your gutter mind plis. Reference is being made to prayer. Pray like no tomorrow.

8. Avoid native doctors

Unless you want to follow their children to fetch water from the stream.

If you can do all these, you and Obi Cubana will be rubbing shoulders soon. A word is enough for the wise. *Beats gong and walks away*



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