A few months ago we began the NYSC Diaries, which covered inside life stories of NYSC in Nigeria. Stories like things NYSC corps members can relate to or what to do when you’re posted to a faraway place, like Borno.

A new NYSC batch has been called in for camp. So in the next few weeks, we’re excited to announce that one of our writers will be sharing his day-to-day camp experiences, which you can find here at 1:30 p.m. every day.

What to expect.

1. Expect pictures, lots of pictures. 

NYSC Diary Day 16: How To Sorta Lose The Inter-Platoon Competition | Zikoko!

We will take you on a visual tour. Literally.

2. How does Nigeria plan to keep corp members safe during this COVID-19 period?

The Coronavirus is still wreaking havoc in countries, but Nigeria is running on vibes. How will the government keep the people safe this period? We’ll find out. 

3. Inside stories of Abuja corpers and corpers in general.

Is there any particular gist you want us to find? Tell us here.

As the conveyor of culture and experiences, we got your back.

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