No matter how tough things are, Nigerians can never be too broke to afford these seven things. We can talk about inflation from now till next year, but nothing can stop us from spending money on these seven things.

1. Sharwama

Everyone keeps complaining about inflation, but who are the people buying shawarma? Why are there more sharwama stands opening up if we’re too broke? These are the questions we need answers to.

2. Transport for knacks

Nigerians and fornication are like 5 & 6, so being too broke for knacks is an unimaginable reality. The money will come out, especially for the side dicks and chicks — they will find a way.

3. Petrol 

Fuel went from ₦65 per litre in 2009 to ₦165 per litre in 2022 and Nigerians are still turning on generators and driving fuel-sucking cars every day. If it were really an issue we should have resorted to trekking by now.

4. Data

This one has Nigerians on a chokehold. If you don’t convince yourself to buy at least ₦1k data every two days, then you’re not a Nigerian.

5. Hair

Nigerians won’t compromise on beauty. There’s no amount of inflation that will make a Nigerian man break up with his barber or stop Nigerian women from using land money to buy human hair. 

6. Apple products

The dollar is rising, the dollar is rising, but half the country owns either an iPhone or MacBook pro. Who are the people patronising Apple? Stop telling lies.

7. Indomie

Indomie will always be a lifesaver on rainy days. No matter how expensive it gets, onion flavoured will forever be the king of noodles and we’ll keep buying it.



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