Especially when you didn’t particularly study!

1. When you wake up in the morning and your results are the first thing on your mind.

I hope it comes out today.

2. When you dedicate all offerings at church to God asking for good results.

It’s just a 4.5 I’m asking for, oh Lord!

3. When you remember how you failed those midsemester tests.

I thought I would make it up in exams.

4. When you remember how you didn’t answer all the questions during the exam.

I can still get 70% now. Wait, can’t I?

5. And you remember that your coursemates were asking for extra sheet and you were just confused.

I should have just collected.

6. When you start going through your old question papers, trying to figure out what percentage you can actually get.

Just one extra mark.

7. When you snap at your siblings for every little thing because you’re nervous.

Get away from me! I might fail!

8. When you’re very ready to explain to your parents how the exams were marked very harshly, and that actually the cutoff marks were too high.

Actually ma… Sir, it’s not my fault…

9. And then you start to invent other excuses.

All is fair.

10. When your nosy relatives keep asking about them and reminding you and your parents.

Shut up forever!!!

11. When you convince yourself that you have failed.

I have accepted.

12. And you know that your parents will never let you forget this bad result.

This is not life.

13. Then you start to read up on people who did amazingly at life, without passing their exams.

Maybe it’s my destiny.

14. But you realize that your best friend will probably ace her papers… and your parents know them.

Na wa oh! That one cannot just fail.

15. When your friends tell you that results are out.

*dies inside*

16. And they’re calling you and telling you how great they did.

*silently hangs self*

17. But you realize you don’t actually want to see them… Schrodinger’s result.

If I don’t see them, then they’re neither bad nor good.

18. At this point, you accept that people aren’t perfect, and that failure is not the end of the world.

I can overcome.

19. Then you finally log on to that school portal.

It is time.

20. And you say a little prayer while you wait.

Then you slowly open your eyes…

21. I passed!!!! PARRT-AY-AY!!!



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