Memes are a very effective way to communicate how you feel without using words. There’s no one you’ll send you’ll send a meme to who won’t understand what you are saying, except, of course, they are a millennial or baby boomer. 

Here are a couple of memes to send to your boss when you need a raise. 

1. The “why are you doing this to me” meme.

If your boss sees this meme and doesn’t know you are starving; that boss is wicked. This meme is a cry for your help, but your desperation isn’t jumping out nonetheless. You are begging for that raise, but you aren’t desperate.

2. The “laughs maliciously” meme.

Send this meme when they make jokes on Slack or any of the group chats you are both in. Let your boss know you are malicious of their salary and how rich they are and you want the same for yourself.

3. The “your money is safe with me” meme.

Only send this meme when you are putting minimal effort into your job, but you want plenty of money regardless of the quality of your work. Encourage your employer to take a chance with you. 

4. The “I’ve taken this matter to Babalawo” meme.

This will let them know it’s above you now and whatever happens to them is none of your business. You have done your bit, it’s time for them to do theirs.

5. The “I’ve taken matters into my hands and I command you to give me a raise” meme.

Send this to your boss first thing in the morning, make sure it’s the first thing they wake up to. If they don’t have you on their mind all through the day, come to our office to fight with us.

6. The “My God is going to deal with you” meme.

This meme has to be sent with a little message, something like “me, praying about a raise” so your employer won’t just open the meme and laugh. Let them know you’ve taken their matter to God. 

7. This meme is self-explanatory.

Send them this meme every day for a week and you’ll be sure to get a raise. You are clearly begging your boss because your life depends on it. 

8. The “I’m not one to be messed with” memes.

Let that employer know you are the one to be played with and you’ve said what you said about wanting a raise. Of course, they’ll tremble when they see this meme and give you a raise before the day is over.


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