There comes a time in every young Nigerian’s life, when their parents decide they should become another person’s problem… permanently, by finding a partner and getting married. Here is how to know if your parents are at that point with you.

1. You’ve graduated from school.

Once you’ve graduated from school your time in your parents’ house has expired. Come and go and marry, abeg!

2. You greet your parents in the morning and they barely answer you.

“Ehn the morning will be better when you marry!”

3. Every family prayer involves spiritual torchlight to “fish out” your partner.

“Maybe they are blocking your star in the spiritual world.”

4. Every time you attend weddings, your parents start announcing your qualifications.

It’s not that they are proud of you oh. It’s that they are looking for someone to come and collect you.

5. When you misbehave at home they imply that’s why you are still single.

“You cannot greet abi? That’s why you are not married.”

6. When you do something they like, they tie it to marriage.

“Just continue like this, you will soon have your own home.”

7. When they hear about any singles event in the city, they demand you go.

“You cannot just be staying like this in the house. Go and help yourself!”

8. Any friend of the opposite sex that comes to visit you is viewed as a prospective partner.

“I know the children I gave birth to. Which one is ‘he is like a brother to me?’”

9. How they look at you when you are still forming selective.

“You better manage that man like that o jare!”

10. How they act when you say you want to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

“AH! Who will collect you now?”

So if you recognise more than one of these, just know your parents are tired of you. Go and marry!



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