It seems Jagaban has pressed pause on waxing lyrical since he became the president. And we understand, Nigeria isn’t an easy country to govern — the work choke.

However, who can “forget the aspire to maguire” quotes that trailed the president’s campaign season? Our president was in his Socrates bag, and he had the best ones for real.

We decided to compile some of President Tinubu’s most iconic quotes.

No matter how short you are, you get out, you will see the sky

You will get what is coming for you. 

To start chaos is easy

This quote is self-explanatory. Never start what you cannot finish.

A town hall different from Balablu

In this life, just try to avoid hullabaloo. 

Is it for eba? Is it for garri? Is it for beans and dodo?

Use this quote when sugar daddy is not giving sugar. Also to be used during a candid tete-a-tete with your creator.

Enjoy your weekend

Because problem no dey finish.

Let the poor breathe, don’t suffocate them

Poor people are already going through a lot, don’t make life any more difficult for them. 

God bless PDAPC

This quote means it’s OK to pray for your enemies. The real problem is if you get the prayer point right. 

A common screwdriver can create a path to fortune

Don’t go around underestimating people or opportunities. 

A dead fish cannot be sweet in any soup

If it didn’t dey, it didn’t dey.

A creative mind is a fertile land for growth

This quote is the opposite of “Lazy hands is the devil’s workshop”

We can be squeaky like old mama’s car, but we will never break apart

Simply put: Bobo no go die, unless to ba darugbo (until he gets old).



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