If you are like me, then Odunlade is your king. King of memes but a king nonetheless. However, he’s about to become a real ass king soon so yassss!

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Well, according to sources, Odunlade is from the royal family in Ekiti and also has alleged ties with the decision-makers of the state so he’s tipped to be the next king.

Odunlade Zikoko half-naked

I mean, he has had ample training in the past to prepare for this role, so I am obviously hyped. Look at this spec pls.

Odunlade king

Kabiyesi oh!

Another style.

Odunlade King

Be like that.

Odunlade king

But now that he’s becoming a king, is he going to stop acting, and more importantly, will there be spiritual implications for using a king as a meme?

Odunlade meme

Only time will tell. Until then, we wish him the best. While we wait, here are photos of Odunlade that perfectly describe everyday life. Also, if you are a Yoruba demon, you’ll love this…a lot.



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