No one gives us as much drama as Nigerian artistes and university lecturers. But what would it be like if they switched places and your favourite artists became university lecturers?


TThe dean of the faculty. You only get to see him him once in a while, and when you do, he won’t stop raving about how he taught your favourite lecturers when they were in school.

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Burna Boy

If you’re an olodo, just avoid his class. If you must attend, you better not sit in front. Just make sure you study the course months in advance first. Because if he calls on you and you can’t answer, he’ll return your school fees and send you away.

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The former student activist who got tired of shouting “Solidarity forever!” all the time. Now, she just wants to collect her salary and be left alone.

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You’re not actually sure if he’s a lecturer or a student disguising because he gets along with everybody, and his classes are always full. He’ll probably charge you money to attend sha. Nothing concerns him with your school fees.

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Tiwa Savage

You can tell she’s not living on her lecturer salary because she’s so unbothered. In fact, she’ll probably just be waiting for the next strike to happen so she can go on another vacation.

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She’s simply everyone’s sweetheart, lecturers and students alike. Her only problem is that we don’t get to see enough of her.

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He gives off student union president vibes. The kind you can rely on to show up when students need to fight the school authorities.

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He’s the oversabi professor who’ll ask you what he didn’t teach you in an exam.

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He won a huge award decades ago and still scores points for it even though nobody attends his class anymore.

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