Traffic will stress him out

Imagine him chasing a criminal and running into traffic on Third Mainland Bridge.

Police will arrest him too many times

A young man driving a sports car that no one has ever seen? Wearing all black? WITH A MASK? The police will be over the moon.

Too many copycats

Nigerians love copying things that work or look cool. Just look at how many cook-a-thons have happened in the past few months because of Hilda Baci. There’d probably be a Batman in every local government.

He might switch careers to become a sugar daddy

If he can’t help people by delivering criminals to the police who might free them later, he might as well just spend his money on Lagos baddies. The ultimate glucose guardian.

Agberos will probably beat him up

What’s going to happen when Batman is forced to face agberos in Mushin? Even the Batmobile and Alfred wouldn’t be able to save him.

He’ll have japa plans too

Nigerians will frustrate him so much, he’ll start making plans to continue his vigilante career in another country. 

But the Nigerian Customs will stress him

We all know what’s going to happen when he shows up at the passport office in his costume. Billing HQ.

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