If you’re an adult then you’ll relate to one or more of these adulting problems we all face:

1) Deciding on what to eat.

Rice, bread, rice, bread – Rinse and repeat. I can’t decide on what to eat for more than three days before I start to repeat food.

2) Deciding on what to wear.

Especially on a first date. Or when they say “work casual.”

3) Knowing how to ask for a raise at work.

No manual for this one oh.

4) Learning to say NO to black tax.

If anyone figures out how to do this, let me know.


5) Time management.

Help! The weekend is never enough and the week days are too long.

6) Making friends after university.

Friendships after a certain age just doesn’t slap like before. In many cases, it feels guarded.

7) Dealing with impostor syndrome.

Generally just learning that everyone is faking it until they make it. It’s just that everyone seems so well put together.

8) Deciding to switch place of worship.

Good luck explaining to your parents why you want to switch from their church or even religion.


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