Zikoko sits at their desk, rifling through papers, waiting for 6pm to hit, so they can be free from the clutches of capitalism, when the strong stench of bleach fills the air. They look up and see a toilet float in.


The toilet stops at Zikoko’s desk and descends.

BBN Toilet: Hi

Zikoko: Since Monday?

BBN Toilet: Sorry, I had work.

Zikoko: So did I.

BBN Toilet: Yes, but we have different jobs.


Why are you smiling like that?

BBN Toilet: Like what?

Zikoko gestures  at BBN Toilet’s face.

Zikoko: That. You’ve been shining your teeth since you … floated in.

(under breath) What am I even doing?

BBN Toilet: I’m just happy.

This is the best feeling in the world.

Zikoko:  Stop. Please, come down.

BBN Toilet descends with a giggle.

BBN Toilet: Sorry. Work has been so good lately, I can’t believe my employers love me this much.


They told you they love you?

BBN Toilet: Obviously not. I can just feel it.

Zikoko: Because they hold meetings and cry around you?

BBN Toilet: You saw it too abi? They love me.

Zikoko: Maybe you’re just the only place they can get some form of privacy.

BBN Toilet: 

Zikoko: Look, I don’t want to sound like a hater, but I swear they were just leaving skid…

BBN Toilet slams their hands against Zikoko’s table.

BBN Toilet: That was a mistake, and it got cleared up.

Zikoko: They throw up in you.

BBN Toilet: That’s literally what I’m here for. I take their shit and provide them with a listening ear. Why can’t you understand that?

Zikoko: deep breath

So, this listening ear, have you always provided it?

BBN Toilet: I’ve tried, but, no one’s really seen me for me, until this season. You don’t understand, they love me, take care of me

Zikoko: Again, please remember the skid marks.

BBN Toilet: Why are you trying to steal my joy? They think of me as a friend.

Zikoko: Even…

BBN Toilet: Yes, even when they throw up in me. They bring their face close to me, and caress me …


Okay, thank you so much for coming.

Zikoko stands up.

BBN Toilet: I should leave?

Zikoko: No. Never, I would never chase you away. You can stay and leave when you want. I have some business to take care of, so I’m going.

BBN Toilet: 

You’re going to see my friend?

Zikoko: No.

BBN Toilet: Yes, you’re going to see my friend that works here. Say hi to them for me.

Zikoko: I’m not … goodbye.

BBN Toilet: Bye.



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