Zikoko stares at their phone as they walk into a bar.

Tequila: Zikoko?

Zikoko: Hmm? 

Tequila: Zikoko!


Tequila: Join me

Zikoko: No, thank you.

Tequila: Ahan, are we not friends again?

Zikoko: When did we become friends?

Tequila: Zikoko!! Feel free, relax.

Zikoko looks around the full bar.

Tequila: It’s for me. They’re here for me.

Zikoko: Is it your birthday?



Tequila: You’re joking, right? Obviously, you know why they gathered for me.


Tequila: Ahan. My album just dropped na. Hot stuff, fire music.

Are you hearing that song right now? That’s me.

Zikoko: Actually, that’s AG baby.

Tequila: What’s the name of the album?

Zikoko: That doesn’t matter. 

Tequila: Just say it.

Zikoko: Tequila Ever After.

Tequila: Gbam. That’s it. The album and I are namesakes, which means the album is mine.

Zikoko: That’s not how it goes.

Tequila: Tequila Ever After. I’ve become a legend.

Zikoko: Because Adekunle Gold put “Ever After” beside your name?

Tequila: I’ve been a legend before then. Don’t look at me with small eyes, I’m big. Big buzz, if you try me, you go loss.

Zikoko: Who dashed you?


What’s your favourite liquor?

Zikoko: Wine


Tequila pours a clear liquid into a shot glass.

Tequila: Drink.

Zikoko sighs and takes the shot.

Tequila: How was it? Shebi it was smooth?

Zikoko: That doesn’t prove anything

Tequila: It does. I do my work, and I do my work well. No complaints.

Zikoko: (under breath) Gin does her work well too.

The music in the bar stops and everyone turns to Zikoko.




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