After a long week answering to capitalism’s every whim and demands, Zikoko pulls up to their last interview of the week sick and tired of it all.

Zikoko: Welcome to Interview With.

Friday: Thank you. Let’s get this show on the road. I have to get back to work.

Zikoko: [Checks the time] You said you’re usually done with work by this time. 

Friday: Yes, I’m done with my day job, but I need to start prepping for my after-hours job. 

[She pulls out 5 sachets of chelsea dry gin from her bag]

Zikoko: Is your night job being a bus conductor?

Friday: Do you know how to mind your business?

Zikoko: I was just showing concern.

Friday: Hide it next time. [tears a sachet open like a cultist]

Zikoko: Should I wait until you’re done?


Zikoko: Sorry. Earlier, you mentioned having a day job…

Friday: [rips into another sachet] And you already assumed I was a bus conductor.

Zikoko: [side eyes] Yes, and it’s getting harder to believe otherwise. Won’t your chest be hotter than our HERtitude babes by the time you’re done?

Friday: You have 10 questions, you’ve asked three. Choose your the next ones very carefully.

Zikoko: When did we start counting the questions?

Friday: Question 4

Zikoko: You’re Friday, I didn’t think you’d be this strict.

Friday: Is that a question?

Zikoko: [Deep breath] What’s your day job?

Friday: Not sure I want to share that with you, but I have a desk job. I need it to afford my side hustle.

Zikoko: You work a desk job to afford your side hustle? 


Yes. Mr. Cap might moonlight as a slave driver, but he pays well.

Zikoko: Mr. Cap

Friday: Capitalism. He pays me to do what he loves, so I can do what I love

Zikoko: Which is?

Friday: Usher in the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are cool people, [squeezes another sachet of chelsea into her mouth] so it’s always fun to cosplay as their flower girl.

Zikoko: Looks like you really like both jobs. 

Friday: They work hand in hand. I won’t be Friday without them [sips on a sachet of chelsea dry gin]

Zikoko: Sorry o. I know I’ve asked before, but is your chest not hot?

Friday: Because of small gin? Please I’m Friday, gin is the least of my worries.

Zikoko: Apologies. The people seem to like you a lot.

Friday: Of course, I’m the queen of enjoyment, why won’t they like me?

Zikoko: They like you so much they want a four-day workweek.

Friday: [spits her gin sachet out of her mouth] Ehn?

Zikoko: It’s just something we’ve all been thinking of.

Friday: How am I now involved?

Zikoko: Someone on our team thought it’ll be a good idea to rearrange the way the week goes – party on Fridays, rest on Saturdays, and use Sundays to prepare for Monday.

Friday: That’s already how the week goes.

Zikoko: She was thinking, no work on Fridays…

Friday: As in, people should use the whole Friday for faaji? Is that not greed? Is she not a greedy person?

Zikoko: No. We can rest in the morning and then party through the night.

Friday:  I don’t want. You, the person on your team, or any other person with this idea. Please tell them I don’t want. Ahahn, because I’m being nice to you people? Can you open your mouth and say this kind of thing to Monday? 

Zikoko: So, you don’t want the four-day thing?

Friday: Zikoko, get Monday to do it.



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