To whom it may concern,

As a nation and as citizens of the world, I believe we’ve gone past the need for a five-day workweek. It’s bad enough that we have to devote most of our lives to capitalism, but the fact that we can’t have more than two days to rest is ridiculous and fuels the belief that capitalism is a slave driver.

Hear me out. I get that you have to work for your pay, and work days influence how much you’ll get at the end of the month, but still. What’ll happen if the corporations and powers that be just gave us an extra day, split the money for that day between the other four, and let us all actually enjoy our lives? 

Actually, how about we switch it up? Leave two days for work and have five days for rest. 


It’s not like we’re even asking for better pay, even though times are tough, and we deserve it. We just want to get off work on Thursday, party on Friday, rest on Saturday, and use Sunday to prepare for Monday. Think about it, we’re not asking for much. Nothing I’ve said is unreasonable. Everything would be a lot better if staff members actually looked forward to Monday, as opposed to dreading it and then spending the entire week anxious for a two-day weekend that might still be filled with work.

I’m begging whoever’s in charge, on behalf of tired people all over the world. Please, consider our happiness. If we smile, your clients/customers will smile too.

Yours sincerely, 

A worker determined to get her three-day weekend.



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