As a responsible young man, you have no business being in the club, talkless of doing legwork in public.

So if you must go to the club, here’s what you should do there. 

Take selfies

Instead of jumping up and down in the name of dancing, how about you do something more productive, like find your perfect angle? Or even learn how to take a proper selfie?

Photograph your woman 

How do you want to take unaware pictures and videos of your partner if you get carried away having fun? 



If Daniel could pray in the lion’s den, what’s small amapiano that it’d stop you. Get on your knees and thank God for rain, joy and sunshine. 

Make up stories 

The only thing Nigerian men like more than eating free food is telling lies. So top up your reservoir of lies because practice makes perfect.

Get on social media 

You have to be on guard to make sure your babe doesn’t post anything that can cause issues between you and your girlfriend.

Build your network 

You have to surround yourself with like-minded people. So instead of popping bottles and partying, walk up to other interesting men and strike up a conversation. Talk about your purpose, business or God even. 

Talk about football 

Find a group of guys and ask them, “Messi vs Ronaldo?”

Share hoe-stories 

Dancing may be fun, but sharing personal sex stories is even more fun. Try it and see.  

Do a squat-off

While the women are twerking, their men should show off their own leg strength by seeing who can do the most squats in a row.


Go to a corner of the room to have your quiet time. But This should be the last resort, after you’ve tried everything else. 

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