Let’s start from the beginning shall we? An aphrodisiac (like Kayan Mata) is any food, drug or substance that increases sexual pleasure or performance — in other words, they increase libido.

Confused at Kayan Mata Rumours

But you probably already knew this, being a genius and all. So you’ve been have meh sex all this while and you’re trying to improve your sex life, OR maybe your sex life is great and you just want to add something to the mix, we have two words for you: Kayan Mata.

In the past few years, ‘Kayan Mata’ has gained wide spread popularity all around Nigeria. Not because they’re a local aphrodisiac — which they are — but because a lot of people suddenly believed that Kayan Mata is evil and immoral and is used for evil things like making a man love you and spend on you.

Confused at Kayan Mata Rumours

No, it is not a charm, no it is not diabolic. I’m going to share a few facts about Kayan Mata, so that you can be further enlightened, and if I can convince you, so you can try it out and use it to improve your sex life. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING FOR YOU.

1. Kayan Mata means a woman’s property

A simple google search would have solved this for you. And what’s a woman’s property? Anything she needs and uses to make her life easier and enjoyable.

2. The local aphrodisiac Kayan Mata is made with things like herbs, spices and fruit.

Goron Tula is a type of Kayan Mata
Goron Tula is a type of Kayan Mata

3. Kayan Mata is not in anyway new.

Now I’m talking about more than 500 years. It has has been used for centuries by women from northern Nigeria. It was originally used to prepare brides for marriage, to ensure a healthy sex life.

4. If you’ve been eating tiger nuts or drinking tiger nut mik, then you’ve been consuming Kayan Mata.

Confused at Kayan Mata Rumours

Tiger nuts, honey, dates and a lot of other quite common fruits and snacks are actual ingredients used to create some Kayan Mata.

5. Kayan Mata has several physical and mental health benefits!

Confused at Kayan Mata Rumours

It’s not just for the sex. It is known to be beneficial to those suffering from high blood pressure. It is a great confidence booster.

You to Kayan Mata:

Well, if you’re not afraid, then you should totally give local aphrodisiacs like Kayan Mata a try. Just like the woman in last week’s Sex Life. She started using Kayan Mata three months before her marriage and so far, it has been an incredible and enjoyable experience.

In her words: “I think pregnancy just gave me a wider playing ground. As opposed to other stories I’ve heard of pregnancy affecting the sex lives of women, mine is the opposite. Before I got pregnant, sex was like four times a week. And then the long period breaks. But with this pregnancy… with no period or any bastard cramps… Omo! If we have sex only six times a week it’s because I’m being kind enough to pity the man. Otherwise it’s all seven days in the week straight!”  Read the rest here.



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