We’re confident about two things, according to the Zikoko Bureau of Statistics. The first is Valentine’s Day can be hard when you’re single. The second? Rewatching these iconic K-drama episodes will soften it. Just trust us.

The King: Eternal Monarch: Ep. 11/12

I mean, it’s a movie starring Lee Min-ho as Emperor Lee Gon. Every scene is romantic, but especially that one scene where he gathers all his guards, police, helicopters and citizens of his fictional country, Corea, to save his queen. That might not be your current reality, but watching it will keep your heart racing like it’s happening to you. 

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Our Beloved Summer: Ep. 16

From the first episode to the last, this show will have you cheesing, especially if you keep thinking about your ex. But the final episode is one of the very best. Ung returns to Korea to surprise Yeon-su and finally tells her he loves her. You also get to see how all the other sub plots end,what more could you want?

Hospital Playlist 2: Ep. 12

Everyone and their dads can see how badly Ik-jun wanted to be with Chae Song-Hwa in Hospital Playlist 2. He’d already confessed his feelings to her in the first season, and if you have all day, you can rewatch the whole thing from the first season. Or you could go to episode 12 in season 2 and experience how it felt to hear Song-hwa finally confess to him while having coffee in the car in the pouring rain — like they always do. Infact, I’m going to rewatch too. 

Vincenzo: Ep. 20


isn’t romance-focused, no one can deny the chemistry between Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young. After all the back-and-forth finally paid off in the finale, when they meet again, he says the iconic line, “See you in Malta”, revealing his location to her. Go and watch it ASAP. What do you need love for when you have K-drama?

Crash Landing on You: Ep. 16 

This whole show is like candy for your aching heart. But you see that scene where Se-ri and Captain Ri finally reunite in South Korea? It’s the least heartbreaking. You’ll enjoy the slow motion and soft smiles.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha: Ep. 12

The bucket list episode where Hye-in and Du-sik try to experience everything she’d ever wanted with a romantic partner. It’s cute and silly and so heartwarming, you’ll forget all your problems.

Vagabond: Ep. 13

More thriller than romance, but I live for that one hospital scene where Dal-gun and Hae-ri start to fall in love. He carries her up, and she puts her feet on top of him, almost like they’re dancing. God, when? 

Hotel Del Luna: Ep. 16

Who doesn’t love a good “star crossed lovers” drama? Chan-sung and Man-wol went through a lot for a love that could never happen, but at least, they got to share that kiss under the stars in episode 13.

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