We already know love is a scam and breakfast is flying ear and dear, but if you have coconut head and still went to enter relationship, these tests will prove your lover isn’t cheating. 

You’ve been noticing a change in your partner’s behaviour lately

You’ve asked many times, but they just say it’s nothing and they’re just tired. 

My dia, they’re cheating! 

We know we’re right, but if you’re still in doubt?

Check their phone 

If you’re scared of checking your partner’s phone, then you probably already know the truth. Just open their WhatsApp and search for the word “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, and read through all the conversations you’ve been mentioned. You’ll either find them singing your praises or straight-up denying you. 

Check their best friend’s phone

Finding nothing incriminating in your lover’s phone doesn’t exonerate them. It could just mean they’re careful and don’t leave any evidence of their cheating. Go on to their bestie’s phone. If there’s anyone who knows the secrets, it’ll be them. 

Post a picture of you and your lover online and tag them

Why waste time doing any investigation when Nigerians can do it for you. Post a cute picture of you guys with a caption about how there’s no one like them in the whole wide world. Make sure this post is on Twitter, and wait for the bad belles. If they’re cheating, someone will expose them with receipts.  

Ask for their bank statement 

If they’re cheating, there’s going to be a money trail. Check their expenses against the information they gave you. They said they were working late last Wednesday, but you’re seeing a debit of ₦25k on the Island at 10 p.m ?  

Tell them you want a break

They’ll either be relieved because they can now cheat in peace and blame it on the break. Or they’ll act upset because they think you want to go and cheat too. 

Surprise them at their office 

Maybe they’re not lying about spending all their time at work. But it could be because they’re having an affair with their office husband or wife. Show up unannounced and shock them.

Ask them to try a different barber 

If a man agrees to cheat on his barber, he’s definitely cheating on you. And yes, same applies to your girlfriend trying a different salon. 

Accuse them of cheating 

If they get angry, they’re 100% cheating. If they start laughing and make jokes about it? They’re not just cheating; they’re planning their marriage behind your back. 

Ask them to swear 

Simple and effective. Ask your partner to swear on their football team, expensive weave or new iPhone, and watch them crumble in defeat. 

Send them tweets about cheating partners

They say a clear conscience fears no accusation, right? Start forwarding all the gists you see about cheating partners to them to get their take. 

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