Be mysterious

You know how the housemates first showed up all sexy and mysterious, and leaving everything to your imagination? That’s how you need to be with your crush. They’ll be curious about you when they’re not sure who you are, what you are, or whether or not you even have sense. The best way to do this is to not talk too much.

Flirt with them and stylishly ask if they have a partner

Not because it matters to you or because it’s going to stop you anyway. But because you need to know early on if you have competition. So flirt with them a little and start dropping lines like “I don’t want anybody to come and beat me o”.

If they do, snatch them

If they say they do, go on the offensive and snatch them. Don’t worry about the relationship they already have. That’s just collateral damage. If they don’t want to be snatched, turn the whole thing into a love triangle like Yemi did with Blue Aiva and Khosi

Become their listening ear

You need to be the person they share their deepest secrets with. So they can let you in closer and closer until they’ve let their guard down completely. Do you see the way Marvin became Yaya’s listening ear and they’re now in love even though they’re both evicted? That’s what you need to do.

Then tell them you’re related to Kiddwaya

You can get their attention by just randomly dropping it in a conversation that you’re related to Kiddwaya and you don’t really need the money.

Be a little toxic dramatic

Have someone else on the side and flirt with them in your crush’s face, so they can feel a little peppered and pay you some attention. Your side piece doesn’t even have to be in on it. Just hold their hands with your sidepiece while hugging your crush. Give them the chaotic Yoruba demon energy that’ll get them interested.

But love-bomb them with food

You already have Big Brother’s kitchen to yourself. Love-bomb them with food till they forget their sense and start following you up and down. Confusion is your primary agenda. By the time you’re done, they’ll be posting Instagram stories of food saying “eggs aren’t egging without you” like Yaya did with Marvin.

Do their laundry

Offer to wash everything they own. Yes, everything including their underwear. That way, they’re sure you’ll do anything for them. You see how Ebube and Yvonne bonded when they did their laundry together, collect all your crush’s clothes and do everything while they get carried away with the talking.

Give them your duvet

Even if they already have one, give them your duvet so they can stay warm when it’s cold. Yes, we know it’s blazing hot these days but that doesn’t matter. Cold is coming and they’ll need more than one duvet. Love is all about sacrifice.

Or just watch BBTitans on GOtv to learn all the other tips yourself

There are just too many tactics for shooting your shots and we can’t just release all of them to you like that. So, watch the BBTitans show yourself so you can learn more and have fun. It’s showing on GOtv, and you don’t want to miss it.

There’s only one week left on the show

With everything we’ve shown you here, there’s still much more to learn, and you can only do that if you watch the show itself. It’s wrapping up in a week, so hurry and watch it on GOtv so that you can step up your shot-shooting game. Also, make sure you vote for your favourite housemate this week dutring the finale. You hear us?



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