1) First things first, make it clear that your cream is a lightening/brightening cream.

Because if you’re not leveraging colorism, what are you doing?

2) Promise people that the cream will “bring out their true skin colour”.

Whatever the hell that means.

3) On the label, put a picture of a light-skinned black woman that’s somehow in full-makeup even though she just came out of the shower.

If you’re buying one of the creams I’m describing, you’re not concerned with reality anyway.

4) Or you could just go the lazy route and slap a random white woman on the label.

Is…that Blake Lively??

There’s a lot to unpack in the fact that a “lightening/whitening” cream is being marketed towards black women using white models but that’s another story for another day.

5) Say that it contains carrots.

Because carrots are good for the skin or whatever.

6) Also say that it contains goat milk.

Doesn’t even have to be true.

7) As the cherry on top of the incredibly colourist sundae, add the word “white” to the name of the cream.

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Name that shit like your target audience is the KKK and you’re all good to go.



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