Elections are over, and we’re all antsy at the edge of our seats for the results. But it’s clear INEC will take their time with it. 

Here are seven things to do so anxiety doesn’t finish you as we wait for the election results.

Lie to yourself 

The fate of the nation is being decided, but you’ve done all you can now. So, tell yourself everything is fine and nothing out of the ordinary is happening outside.

Watch your favourite show

Turn on your TV, and watch that show that brings you joy. Even if the joy is only temporary.

Eat and drink your way through the day

A distraction is a distraction. Eat and drink (not alcohol, please) your way through the wait. It might be hard to keep anything down, but it’s better than twiddling your fingers and hyperventilating.

Read anything

A book, a magazine, the words on a billboard — anything that isn’t Twitter or the news.

Try to get some work done

Adulthood sucks, but money must be made. And sadly, this is Nigeria, so nobody will give you a mental health break.  It might be hard to actually focus, but there’s no harm in trying.

Be around other people

It’s tempting to sort through your emotions on your own, but try to leave your room and speak to other people too. Enjoying people’s company and talking it out as its own benefits.

Take a Nyquil and sleep

If all else fails, take a break from the day and just sleep.

Check here for live updates on the ongoing presidential and legislative elections



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