I have a hot take: There’s nothing wrong with being a gold digger now that the naira is dancing to the beat of Lagbaja’s ‘Konko Below,’ and everyone has to play survival of the fittest.

So if you really want to survive this economy that bag and are willing to frolic a little with  someone that has plenty of it, then these tips will definitely help you.

Tell them why you’re with them

Times are harder than the last time we said ‘times are hard’, so tell them you’re only with them for the money. If they decide to still form heartbroken when the relationship ends, then that’s their business.

Bill them small small 

Believe it or not, this economy might also be affecting your goldmine. So, while you’re asking them to move and shake things for you, do it with a conscience before they take their gold and run away from you.

Make sure they always have time for their partner

Don’t be greedy; they’re already giving you their money, so the least you could do is make sure they remember their actual partner and share the time between you and them.

Don’t post them

Always remember they might have a partner. Do you really want them to see the love of their life doing TikTok challenges and cuddling up with you on your Instagram page? We thought as much

Be thankful for your goldmine

Please, have you seen the state of our economy? The fact you found someone willing to share their money with you is a miracle. And you should be eternally thankful for them..

Find other options

What if the gold finishes? What if  see finish enters? What if someone else has more money than they do? These are the questions you should o ask yourself before you decide to stick to one gold mine.

Give them good advice

This is important if they are currently in government. Advise them to do the right thing and tell their friends to act right. If you don’t, the thunder the citizens have sent their direction might mistake you for their real partner and meet you where you lay.



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