As a Nigerian, everything must feel a little too much right now, and your anxiety might be over the roof. If you’re a K-pop fan, here are seven things you can do to reduce the anxiety.

Listen to your favourite song

It can be an old one from when you first started stanning your faves or that one song that’s always ringing in your ear. Listen to it as many times as it’ll take for you to start dancing a little, so you know you’re getting relief. 

Watch your favourite episodes of their reality TV shows

Nothing gives you more joy than seeing your faves being their silliest, funniest selves. Laugh at them attempting to cook or cheating in games. Watch as many times as needed. 

Reenact your favourite music video

You’ve been lying to yourself for months that you’ll learn the dances anyway. Time to cross it off your bucket list. All that sweating around will have you forgetting all your problems for a while at least, and you get to learn something new

Go on a marathon of your favourite band

Think of it as a listening party of all your favourite songs by them. You’re helping them get more streams, and it’s sparking joy. A win is a win. 

Cook a Korean dish

Nothing too difficult or with ingredients that are too hard to find. Simple rice, cucumber kimchi and beef will do the trick. For bonus points, you can pretend you’re eating the meal with your faves. 

Stalk your bias

Be more intentional about it than normal. Make a collage of your best pictures, imagine dyeing your hair the same colour as theirs, just savour it. 

Shop for merch

Even if you don’t have the money to buy them yet just looking at them will fill your heart with so much happiness. But if you have money, buy something. Waiting for a package is an exciting feeling.



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