I always wanted to go abroad for my studies. So imagine my joy when I was admitted for undergraduate studies into a top University, in Germany.  But then, when I was informed that my University Course would be delivered in German and I had to either take a year-long proficiency Course in the German Language when I got to Germany or learn whilst still here in Nigeria, my enthusiasm dulled. 

The prospect of learning a new language in which I had no background frightened me. I mean, I’ve spoken English all my life and even now, I still sometimes confuse ‘we’re’ and ‘were’. No fear, Nothing spoil, I told myself, I’d wing it when I got to Germany. 

Then the unexpected of all unexpected things happened. The Coronavirus Pandemic hit and the EU closed its borders. That meant my japa plans had to be delayed. With a lot of free time on my hands, I decided to bite the bullet and enrolled on a German Course in Nigeria

The Pandemic also meant that any language class I was going to take had to be conducted online and I was sceptical about how efficient online language learning would be. I mean, I once tried to learn how to cook ogbono soup by watching a video online and after several toilet visits later, I swore I wouldn’t cook ogbono again without in-person help, please don’t make jest of me.

But then, I was pleasantly surprised by my German learning experience. 

I enrolled at the Goethe-Institut for the A1 German language course program and true to my early fears, the beginning was difficult (but I soon realized that this was perfectly normal for new students). As time went on, the German language became more interesting and didn’t seem so difficult after all. Luckily, I had a good teacher,  who helped me get over my fear of learning a new language and made sure each lesson was as simple as possible. She really took the time to teach and explain the language to ease my understanding. The classes were tailored to my schedule and learning style, and were never boring, always fun and engaging.

After a few weeks of lessons, I was really happy when I watched a short German film and could understand the storyline and a lot of what was being said! 

7 months later, I successfully passed my B2 exams and was presented with my German proficiency certificate. 

I am Benedict Awa and I currently study in Erfurt, Thüringen Germany. I’ve made so many new German friends (I realized that Germans are delighted when a foreigner converses with them in their native tongue) and settling down in Germany was a lot easier because I speak and understand German well. Nothing beats the Integrated cultural exchange I experienced at the Goethe Institut – It really set me up for success in my new life in Germany. 

Trust me, If you’re looking to learn German for study, travel, relocation or any other purpose at all, enrolling at the Goethe-Institut is your best bet to becoming proficient! 

Simply visit https://www.instagram.com/gi_nigeria/ or contact them at (+23414549515) to register today!


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