You don’t get the crown. Or even worse you get the crown, then it gets snatched from you!

This is Nayara Justino.

The chocolate-coloured beauty of African descent was born and lives in Brazil.
She’s dreamed of being the Globeleza carnival queen since was six-years-old. Globeleza is a carnival organised by the biggest TV station in the country. So, Justino jumped at the chance to apply when it was time to pick a new queen.

The actress and dancer wowed the judges with her beautiful personality and Samba skills, taking home the coveted title.
But things quickly turned sour for her. Justino received backlash from fellow Brazilians who deemed her too dark and therefore didn’t deserve the title. She was called everything from a monkey to a darkie. Even worse, many Black Brazilians also thought the same thing.

Then one day, without notice, she received a call…

You’re not going to be Globeleza anymore. Thanks for your participation.

Then, Globo announced Erika Moura, as the new queen without even taking a public vote.

Watch her share her story below:

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The Brazilian carnival queen deemed ‘too black’Nayara Justino thought her dreams had come true when she was selected as the Globeleza carnival queen in 2013. But some in Brazil regarded her complexion to be too dark to be an acceptable queen
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