At a point in life, people tend to aspire to greater things and leave positive marks in the sands of time. In doing this, they will never be forgotten in history.

42 year old Omotayo Okunsanya has become the first Nigerian man to complete a marathon race across Antarctica.

Inspired by some Nigerian women like Tee Morgan, who had earlier accomplished the feat and set the record, Omotayo endured running under very erratic temperature conditions , mud gravel and sleet in Antarctica.

At 40, he had risen through the ranks, obtained an MBA degree from Harvard, became a certified Financial Analyst and also a Managing Director at Jefferies, an American investment bank.

Taking a step back, he decided to give back to society and running for charity was the medium he chose to achieve his dream.

He has raised over $20,000 from the 10 marathons he has run. Some of the charity organizations  include Red Cross, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Shoes 4 Africa and the VICTA.

Raising awareness for children in need is the main focus of his charity runs.

He aspires to run across all seven continents of the world and his next stop is Kilimanjaro.

This is an inspiration to become the best one can in life and also consider the ones that are not as opportuned as we may be.


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