Gather round children!

After decades worth of heartbreak records in the bag and oceans of tears used to starch his demonic Agbada, something surprising happens.

A Yoruba demon finds the one!

But what will he do about it?

Like this Nollywood movie featuring Nigeria’s darling, Odunlade Adekola, this is what he would do.

He rouses from the depths of slumber and looks upon his newly found bae and “guidance angel”.

It must be at midnight, not at any other time! Maybe in better grammar sha.

He resolves to have a change of heart.

And stop all the plans of wickedness and heartbreak he initially had in stock for her.

And with tears of passion in his eyes…

He declares his love for her.

And decides to marry her.

And spend what is left of his demonic years with her.

Will he be haunted by the ghosts of all the hearts he has broken? Will his true colours shine through that dazzling agbada of his? We wait!

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