This one is for the Owambe loving ladies.

Those ones that love to completely slay at weddings or any other turn up there is.

And while gorgeous looks like this seem too easy to achieve….

Every Nigerian female that has had to rock aso ebi can totally relate to how difficult it is to tie that flawless gele.

When a difficulty appears, some people take it upon themselves to create an innovative solution to that problem.
An automatic gele known as โ€œAuto geleโ€ is now available in Nigeria.

Created in 2014 by Ande Oluwatoyosi and Fasasi Folusho, two graduates of Covenant University, auto gele is the newest and easiest way to tie a nice Owambe gele.
The gele was created simply to ease the stress and expenses involved in tying gele. The design is automated and very comfortable for the wearer.

They come in different colours and can also be made bespoke, for those that want theirs really special.

We know you’re already curious about how to tie gele in less than a minute. Check these videos to find out.

You can also check out this full tutorial.
You can check out other cool colours on Instagram @auto.gele and Oyinkansolaโ€™s Twitter page @Honey_Drop29


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