Contrary to what the internet will have you believe, you don’t have to break the bank before you can afford intentional and thoughtful gifts. We’ll help you figure out some ideas for the categories of people in your life.


If the recipient is a guy with a 9-5 corporate shirts, ties, shoes, belts, cufflinks, socks will do. For babes, work clothes, a pair of cute slippers, notepads or journals are intentional gifts. Every time they wear and use these things, they’ll think of you.

What a belt!

Content creator

If they create content, buy them studio props and decors and book an aesthetic studio for them to shoot their content. 

You can also consider giving them a gimbal, phone vlog video kit, ring light, lapel mic, tripod, drone and 99 other equipment options.

Additionally, paying the subscriptions for the work apps they use like CapCut, PremierePro, Da Vinci Resolve e.t.c. is such an intentional move.


If you’re looking to excite an entrepreneur with gifts, acquire a business registration form from CAC to surprise them (if they don’t have it). You can also make their business logo, fliers, business card or pay for their business merch. Branding and sponsored ads are great gifts that’ll boost their business too. They’ll love it.


A Kindle book is to a reader what a laptop is to a tech-bro. It’s a wireless, electronic reading device with access to more than three million books. As the saying goes, a reader is a leader. Invest in making your loved one a better leader today.

Gym rat

Get them gym wear, running shoes, dumbbells, etc. For more privacy, set up a home gym. Now they can work out any time they like. 

Additionally, leave a 12-month down payment at their favourite fruits store or seller to cover their fruit supplies. Do this and you and their smoothie will be their favourites.

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