Last night, we had a really swell time running #BBNaija reunion commentary on our Twitter account. But this is a different and a lot more funny commentary coming from the funniest place on the planet, TwitterNG. Here’s a list of really funny tweets that reveal what Nigerians think about last nights #BBNaijaReunion:

1. Tochi we are very sorry on Wathoni’s behalf.

2.Between Kayode and Ka3na; we don’t know who worked harder.

Ka3na was in the house for 2 weeks but she still managed to work harder than Kayode who was in the house for 72 days.

3. There was no Indomie available for Eric that’s why.

4. LMAO, we appreciate Ka3na’s dedication.

Lowkey, ka3na’s comments are a highlight on the bbnaija reunion show. Hawk’s eyes have nothing on her.

5. Ka3na again!

6. Kayode, what was your work?

7. Neo 1 – Kaisha 0

8. Neo holding on to his version of the truth.

9. God when?

10. Justice for Kidd and Nengi.

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