Nigerian babes aren’t exactly subtle when they aren’t feeling you, but a lot of guys still struggle with taking a hint. Well, here are some clear signs that she isn’t into you.

1. When you see a fine babe and you hit her with your signature “you look familiar” line:

Do better.

2. When she gives you her number just so you can let her be.

“Free me, abeg”

3. How she replies your messages:


4. When you ask her to hang out and she says “I’ll tell you when I’m free”.

You go wait die.

5. You, calling her with all the persistence of a goat:

Take a hint, my nigga.

6. When she finally agrees to go on a date with you just so she can see road.

At least it’s something.

7. You guys actually have a good time, but now she is giving you brother-sister vibes.

Chai! Well, you can be Lannisters.

8. When she starts coming to you for relationship advice.

It’s all over.

9. Whenever a stranger says you guys make a cute couple and she laughs a little too long.

Is it funny like that?

10. This painful conversation:

See the amnesia.

11. When she says she wishes she could find a guy like you.

Am I not a guy like me again?

12. Whenever you try to escape from the zone.

Just chill in that zone like that.

13. Her, whenever you try to profess love.


14. When she hits you with her finishing move.


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