Chances are that if you are in the forever young club, life hasn’t been the easiest for you. From inappropriate comments to way out of pocket statements, it has been a hell of ride.

Sit down, relax, let us tell your story:

1) Younger people always try to toast you.

Gen Z, please. Don’t put me in trouble.

2) Bouncers are your worst enemies.

“I swear to God that I am almost 30. I am not lying.”

3) People are always asking you how WAEC is going.

You and who?

4) You always have to wear serious clothing to earn any respect.

Does this swag look 16?

5) When you try to toast your age mates, they find it cute.

We are age mates, why are you calling me adorable?

6) People are always shocked when you get a reference.

Wait, how old do you think I am again? Of course I get the reference.

7) You get to pay students’ price at the cinemas.

Hehe. 🌚

8) Everyone seems to think your younger siblings are older than you.

I am older dammit. Is it because they are bigger than me?

9) Younger kids treat you like age mates.

Hold up. Who’s 20 years old with you? Put some respect on my back pain and mid life crisis.


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