Maybe it’s the japa wave or love is just surplus in the air, a staggering number of young Nigerians are doing together-forever on a daily basis.

Ikoyi registry is the preferred for many (especially japa enthusiasts) and the people who work  there use this information to their advantage. This is how you can outsmart their Sodiq Ologbon ways.

Follow These 7 Steps to Avoid Billing at Ikoyi Registry

Go with a mobile wardrobe

You’ll think you’ve picked the best outfit until they say you’re  casual in your drip. Don’t mind them, it’s a plan to make you buy from the cut and sew vendors within the compound.

Put on your resting bitch face

It’s a day of joy but if you smile too much, you’re calling for billing and they will answer you. Only the LOYL should see your teeth outside.

Five is a crowd

To be honest, you only need one witness each and that’s a total of four people. Going with many people easily places a target for billing on your head.

Suffocate them with mouth odour

Follow These 7 Steps to Avoid Billing at Ikoyi Registry

Staying quiet for long means a buildup of funky breath in your mouth. You and the LOYL will be swiftly dismissed at every stop.

Linkup with money changers mint ₦50-₦100 bills

Follow These 7 Steps to Avoid Billing at Ikoyi Registry

Here’s the thing, no matter what, you will spend money at the Ikoyi registry. But hey, what’s a couple of ₦50-₦100 notes? the most you’ll part with is ₦2500.

Show up in Ankara

First impression matters or what’s that thing they say? The workers at Ikoyi registry won’t take you seriously if your wedding day baffs doesn’t compare to their everyday drip.

Don’t go with food

It’s never going to be enough and you’ll end up getting guilt tripped to sort others who didn’t get food packs with money. Better to avoid completely.

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