6 Nigerians on Making Friends at a Festival

I have three goals when I attend an event or festival: Have premium fun, make friends and get home safely. While I easily check off the fun and getting home parts, I can’t say the same about making friends. My social awkwardness and anxiety never let me.

But I spoke with six peope who simply cannot relate to this struggle. Unlike me, they’ve made some of their best friendships at social events and will always look forward to attending the next one.

Here are their stories.


I attended a show at EKO Hotel and things didn’t go as planned. The show was scheduled for 6 p.m but it didn’t start till 9 p.m. I’d heard how Uber/Boltdrivers on the Island operate in the midnight so I thought I was covered.

At 10:30 p.m., I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t find any ride to take me home. This dude who seemed to have the same problem approached me and goes “Bro, which side are you going?”. In my mind I was like “How’s that your business?” But I answered anyway. It turned out we were both headed to Onipanu. That was how he suggested sleeping in the event hall and leaving very early the next day. He said he’d done it before and that’s how most mainlanders navigate late night shows. We ended up talking through the night before we fell asleep. By the next morning, we’d shared so much that it felt like we’d been friends forever. And that was it. We’ve been friends for about 7 years now.


I attended HERtitude this year because I wanted to make new friends. Looking at videos and posts from previous editions, I knew my female bestie was somewhere out there waiting for me to find her. And I think I did at Hertitude.

My bank card embarrassed me while I was trying to make payment at a food vendor’s. This cute girl, who was also in the queue, noticed my distress and offered to pay with her card, and I could refund with a bank transfer. I was more than thankful. We spent most of our time together after that encounter, and we’ve texted each other every day since Saturday. Well, maybe it’s still too early to say we’re besties, but at least we’re friends.


I won’t say I’ve made friends at any festival or events because I hardly attend with my friends. However, I remember one time when I got my period at an event and didn’t have my pads. I was stuck in the restroom for a bit trying to reach my friends and this girl noticed. She offered me pads from her stash and that was genuinely so nice. We ran into each other a couple of times more at the event and I thanked her every time, while she asked if I was okay or needed more. Now that I think of it, we would have made good friends. She seemed like a girl’s girl.


I’d been in a WhatsApp group for movie lovers for years, and I was one of the active members. That said,  I wouldn’t say I had any close relationship with anyone. We only bantered about movies and that was about it. So one time, this film festival came up and the group decided to attend.

On the D-day, I put out a call to carpool and about four people responded. All four of us attended the festival together and it was one of the best outings I’d enjoyed in a while. It felt like we’d known each other for a long time, even though it was the first time we met. At the festival, one of us suggested another event that was coming up and we all seemed interested. We created another WhatsApp group to plan for the event and that was how our friendship took off. We’ve attended more film festivals, excursions and trips.


I went to the last Experience concert with my brother and his wife, and I felt like a third wheel. They were all over each other that they forgot they came with someone.

I got bored of the concert at some point and took a stroll. When I got back, a lady had taken my spot and I wanted to para for her because I was already in a foul mood. I got to my spot and before I said anything she stood up and apologised.  I felt bad by her thoughtfulness and politeness, so I offered to share my seat and she accepted. We made occasional small talk the rest of the concert and said our goodbyes when it was time to leave. However, on our way home, I saw her standing at the bus-stop and made my brother stop so we could ask where she was headed. Luckily, she was going our way so she joined our ride. This time around, I collected her number before we parted ways. We’ve been friends for four months now.


I don’t think I know anyone who’s as interested in making new friends as I am. Maybe it has something to do with my job as a PR person. If I attend that music festival, that award show, that food festival, best believe one or two new numbers are getting into my phone. I’ve made most of my closest friends from events I organised or attended. My contacts list has names like Sarah Bolifest, Kunle Palmwinefest, Feyi Homecoming, etc. And friends often describe me as the worst person to go out with because the chances of dumping them for another new friend is always on the high side.

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