It was a sunny Saturday on November 11, 2023. The premises of La Madison Place, Lagos, was buzzing with meat and party lovers who came together to experience the first ever Burning Ram by Zikoko.

In case you missed it, or you knew about it and thought it was all hype — people hyped it because they trust Zikoko to deliver — everyone had fun. We didn’t want to go home. Just ask DJ Kiss, who played for us.

These are the things you missed and how to fix up in 2024.


People got into ludo, chess, jenga, table football, mini basketball and more.


The vendor stands had people enjoy suya and barbeque of all kinds, asun meat pie (and burger), nkwobi, small chops and a whole range of cocktails. The atmosphere was all delicious meat aroma and smoke.

Movie time

While people took pictures and made videos, patronised vendors and ate good food, others sat in a chilled tent and watched Avatar: The Way of Water, courtesy of FilmHouse Cinema and FilmOne Nigeria.


We made friends, exchanged compliments, contacts and IG handles, and could finally put faces to some of our online friends and internet neighbours. We met popular jingos like Joey Akan, Fu’ad Lawal, Emeneks, Dammy B, Hauwa L, Dwin the Stoic, Renike, Chigozie and many more.

Ramsey the Ram

It was a golden moment when Adeyinka paraded Ramsey, Burning Ram’s prized ram, as Blossom and Dammy (AKA the Dorime Sisters) followed, raising Jack Daniel’s bottles in the air.

The raffle draw

It wasn’t a play-play thing when we announced that one lucky guest will win a live ram. The big grill drum of raffle tickets was spun, and Chioma Katherine won our Ramsey. Imagine the joy of coming to Burning Ram and returning home with a ram. It’s equivalent to J Hus’ “came in a black Benz, left in a white one” lyrics.

Fire breathers

You might’ve seen fire dancers many times or even been one yourself, but have you seen fire dancers perform while tossing and spinning actual fire? These guys at Burning Ram danced all the legwork known and unknown while spitting flames out of their mouths. It was like Daenerys was in one corner whispering, “dracarys”.

Eating competition

When it was time to see who really brought an appetite to Burning Ram, fine guys and babes nominated themselves. With bowls of jollof rice and plenty meat before them, and a large, vocal audience around, they sat and devoured their plates. Others ate hot chicken wings while singing the Nigerian national anthem. Winners emerged and received stuffed bags of Burning Ram souvenirs.

A rave

DJ Kiss’ set buzzed loudly and N.A.T.E (Nathan Good luck) hyped us into party mode with a mix of afrobeats hits, classics like Konko Below and American pop that took us back to our younger years. We moved our bodies, jumped, screamed out lyrics and had maximum fun. 

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Image Source: Prince Mazani

Leave home on time

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Burning Ram is over, but this meaty playlist can still keep you going this week:



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