Clubs, Owambe, pool party, restaurant hopping, all check. In some ways, you almost feel as if you have explored everything there is to do in Lagos.

It is likely that the next friend who sends you an invite is trying to get you to do the same thing all over again. Not like this isn’t a great idea, especially when you’ve got a great company. Trust us, we live for moments like this when we get to relax and spend time with fantastic company.

It’s just that this time you just want to try something different. You want to explore life but from a different view. What if you tried something completely new, something that will completely amaze you?

Like what, you ask? Have you tried taking in the breathtaking view of Lagos from the sky aboard a helicopter? No? It is simply exhilarating, and you are in luck!

Vetifly, provides you with a new way to live your best life while enjoying the beauty of Lagos from the sky. For the first time ever, you can book a helicopter sightseeing trip from licensed operators on the Vetifly app. Experience all the scenic beauty Lagos has to offer in comfort and safety from way up in the sky.

The best part? You don’t have to do it alone. Call up all your friends and invite them for a splendid time. Think about all the memories you will create together. Think about how popping your Instagram pictures and IG stories would be. You know what? Even better, we’ll throw in the best captions for your IG posts for free.

“Living my best life up in the sky with Vetifly.”

“Vetifly, got me living my best life.”

“Sky life, can’t touch this.”

We could go on for days. Also, if you’ve been thinking of the perfect gift to get a loved one and you just don’t want to do just the usual bottle of perfume, a trip in the sky is a great idea! Gift them a helicopter sightseeing trip and a time of their lives. Trust us, they will keep thanking you for months to come.

So, the next time you want to do something refreshing alone or with friends, or simply want to make someone’s day by giving them a thoughtful gift, download the Vetifly app and book a sightseeing tour. In addition, our Premium Car pickup and drop-off service to and from the helipad are also available to you. You can also book up to 90 days in advance to get the best fares if you want to schedule your tour for a later date. If your plans change, you can also cancel your flight within 48 hours of the time of departure and get a refund.

Ready to explore something new? Download the app here:

Give us a call today: 08098384359 Or Visit to sign up today.


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