Easter may not be as lively as Christmas, but it comes with days away from capitalism, so enjoy it in these fun and uncomplicated ways.

Palm Sunday swag

It’s normal to make crosses out of palm leaves during Easter. But do you remember how we hung the palm cross around our necks like chains? Yeah, you’re not too old to do that and even rock it all day. Feeling like a kid again is fun; you should try it.

Sing a special number at church

See it as an open mic to sing about Christ’s death or resurrection. The applause that’ll come after will have you feeling like a superstar.

Family drama group 

Gather your family and set up the stage in your living room. You can act as Judas Iscariot, Mary, Jesus or one of the two thieves beside him. Not only would you give the rundown of one of the most dramatic Christian stories, but you’ll also strengthen your family bond. What’s better than that?

Sunday night parade

Join your church members to sing and drum in the middle of the night to announce that Christ has arisen from death. It’s outside, fun and cheap.

Food exchange

Where’s the fun in cooking jollof rice or frejon in your house and not sharing it with neighbours and friends?

Lock in with family

What’s better than spending time with your family this Easter, with all the laughter, cooking and chores? It’s what Mary and Joseph would’ve wanted, if Jesus didn’t have to sacrifice for a big mission. 


It’s completely fine if all you want to do is sleep throughout the Easter period. It’s a short window to recuperate for your capitalist overlords.

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